Photography in the National Parks – Three Free Weekends

Here’s an excuse to go do some scenic landscape photography. I found this information on the National Park Service web site: The National Park Service will offer three fee-free weekends this summer to encourage Americans seeking affordable vacations to visit these national treasures. There are 391 national parks located across the country in 49 states. … Read more

Canon 100-400mm Lens

I bought the Canon 100-400mm IS L-Series lens when I bought my Canon EOS 3e film camera back in the 1990’s. It has gone just about everywhere with me. I always keep it in my daypack, along with a camera body and the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. When I can’t take the Canon 600mm prime … Read more

Birding Christmas Cards

Every year for the past several years, as the holiday season approached, I would think to myself that I should put together a collection of Birding Christmas Cards. Of course, I’d get busy, then it’d get too close to the holidays for anyone to want to send out cards, so I’d think that I’d just … Read more

Canon EOS 20D

The Canon EOS 20D was a workhorse for me! About 18 months after the EOS 10D had come out, the new 20D became available. In many ways it was similar to the 10D, but the most important change for me was the new 8 megapixel sensor and the “instant on” feature. The “instant on” feature … Read more

Canon EOS 10D

The Canon EOS 10D was my first digital SLR. Up until this camera came out, digital SLR’s were way too expensive and only good for three or four megapixels. The 10D came out with six megapixels and a price that was thousands of dollars less than other digital SLR’s at that time. But the fact … Read more