Fiery Dawn at Horseshoe Bend

Glen Canyon - Fiery Dawn at Horseshoe Bend - 5D101-2681-2719
Fiery Dawn at Horseshoe Bend

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Just outside of Page Arizona on the Colorado River, there’s a little dirt parking lot that doesn’t look like much. But if you park here, and walk up and over the sandy hill for about 3/4 mile, you’ll see an amazing scene – Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River. You’ll be standing at the edge of a cliff with the river 1000 feet below. If it’s windy, don’t stand too close to the edge!

If you venture out there in the early morning to watch the sunrise, you may see something even more spectacular if the sun and clouds are right, like they were for me on this morning.

Catalog ID: 5D101-2681-2719

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