Cathedral Rock Thunderbolt

Cathedral Rock Thunderbolt

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A Thunderbolt emanates from Cathedral Rock beneath dark foreboding clouds.  Cathedral Rock is a famous landmark near Sedona, Arizona known for its prominence and beauty. It is claimed to be the most powerful of the several “healing vortexes” in the area. This image conveys the feeling of power projected by the vortex.

On a cloudy hot Summer afternoon, I ventured to a good viewpoint anticipating a colorful sunset because of the clouds. I saw lightning faraway and as the sunset faded, the storm came closer. Soon, Cathedral and the evening sky were periodically lit up by lightning occurring behind the Rock. I had my camera setup on a tripod and waited patiently for lightning strikes. I used a long shutter speed and triggered the camera manually – I did not use a lightning trigger. So you could say I had a “lightning fast” trigger finger. LOL! I captured many different lightning strikes that evening, but this one is the most powerful.

Another exciting thing happened as I was hiking back to my car once the storm subsided. Hiking in the dark with a weak flashlight to light the trail, I noticed as I stepped over a thick branch lying across the trail that the “branch” was moving! I must’ve jumped about 10 feet high! I didn’t stick around to check, but I think it was either a big rattlesnake or a gopher snake. The foreign tourist that was hiking just behind me (sharing the beam from my flashlight) got a lot more excitement than he expected too!

Available for purchase in my Etsy Store – Sedona Fine Art Design.

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