Devil’s Bridge Covered in Snow

Sedona - Devil's Bridge Covered in Snow - 1DM3-102-7371-7373
Devil’s Bridge Covered in Snow
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A February snowstorm covered the red rocks around Sedona with snow. Devil’s Bridge is hard to photograph because when you look down through the bridge, the background is the same color as the bridge and blends right in with it. The last time I had been there, I decided to come back if it ever snowed, because I thought the snow would contrast with the bridge and help it stand out more. As it turns out, it made the bridge really stand out!

This scene is in portrait orientation. To see a similar scene in landscape orientation, see Devil’s Bridge Freezes Over – 1DM3-102-7497-7499.

Catalog ID: 1DM3-102-7371-7373

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