Vermilion Flycatcher Landing on Twig

Vermilion Flycatcher Landing on Twig - 1DM3100-9475
Vermilion Flycatcher Landing on Twig

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A Vermilion Flycatcher finds a perch on a twig. Here is a classic example of what you can do when you understand the habits of a bird species. Flycatchers often return to the same perch over and over again in between capturing bugs to eat. So when I noticed this Vermilion Flycatcher repeatedly returning to this twig, I waited for it to leave, then hurried to a spot low down and closer to the perch. When it came back, I suppose I just looked like part of the landscape, because it didn’t mind me. I was able to then photograph it over and over whenever it returned to this twig.

Catalog ID: 1DM3-100-9475

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